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Striking Workers Picket Plant, Protest Design and Engineering Mishaps
Design and Engineering workers have staged a second day of protests in the parking lot of the Treadmill Chaos factory.

One of the workers, who looked a little sun-burned and scaly-skinned, was carrying a large sign with the words, "The End of the World Is at Hand. We're All Going to Die."

Another worker, who declined to give her name, said that working in the plant was "like working on the surface of the sun."

Chaos X-Ray 1000 AdAll of this comes on the heels of an FTC investigation into an alleged marketing scam.

Ground zero of this controversy is a full-page full-color premium ad recently submitted to the Gazette for publication. It seems the parents are outraged, but the kids love it: "Wow, I want one -- cool." This was just one of many rave reviews from young people all over town.

The CEO at Chaos did not return our calls.


1958 Ford Nucleon Concept Car

In 1958, Ford introduced its design for a nuclear-powered automobile, which was supposed to be able to go five thousand miles without refueling. See the 1958 Ford Nucleon concept car online in Concept Carz and Velocity Automotive Journal.

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